Cellulite Lotion

CelluAid is a cellulite removal cream that works from the very surface of your skin, digging into the layers of fat and dissolving the lumps beneath leaving you with a well toned and flawless skin. Rooted within this cellulite lotion is the quinoa seed extract which burns stored fat and reduces the clumps to barely visible states.

One of the major threats to the adult human body is Cellulite. And this threat aims more for the women than the men. However, many of them like to pretend like it’s not there but at the same time remain very conscious of its presence.

Cellulite – also referred to as orange peel skin – is a skin condition where the skin has a lumpy or dimpled appearance due to the build-up of fat under the layers of the skin.

Cellulite is most often referred to as a ‘woman-prone’ condition – although not all women are affected. However, this is not true as men are also affected too.  According to the result of various researches, 90% of women have cellulite.

Furthermore, research shows that women are more susceptible to cellulite after puberty.

People have had arguments back and forth on who is more prone to having cellulite, men or women? Below are some basic reasons why women are more prone to having cellulite than men.


This hormone in the female body is responsible for the development of secondary sexual characteristics, i.e. hips, breast, and buttocks. It is produced in mass when women are pregnant, post-natal and post-puberty periods. It is responsible for the enlargement of hard fat cells in the female body which later accumulates, slowing the metabolism process and making women more prone to cellulite.
  • Skin Structure

The female skin structure is tenderer than that of the male in the sense that it is prone to cellulite. The thigh region of the female body has relatively thin and fragile connective tissues meant for maintaining a smooth appearance. The result of this is the exposure of the adjacent skin area to cellulite and fat contours.

  • Heredity

Heredity (genetics) also plays a major role in women having cellulite. Fluctuations in body tissues, sensitivity to hormones, etc. are hereditary factors linked to the appearance of cellulite.

  • Flaws of the Hypodermis

The hypodermis is a fatty layer below the skin surface and varies from men to women. The top layer is composed of several fat cells, each separated by connective tissues. These tissues are mesh-like in women and smooth in men. The mesh-like tissues trap fatty cells easily in women than in men.

Also, they are prone to developing folds. It eventually collapses due to the pressure from the extra fat, leading to an increase in the retention of fluid and formation of cellulite.

Mentioned above are just a few of the many reasons why women are more prone to cellulite than men, hence their constant panic and never-ending body consciousness.

Of course, cellulite is not without cure. While some choose to live with it, others prefer to get rid of it. Although the market advertises so many anti-cellulite products claiming to be effective, what you need is CelluAid – the top anti-cellulite cream.

You can visit CelluAid for more of this cellulite treatment cream reviews. Remember, you can get rid of your cellulite. The key is consistent use of an anti-cellulite product that works and patience.

Cellulite: What Occurs Beneath Your Skin?

The general conception most people have is about its appearance. The numerous publications that discuss the topic always tell the people what to look out for to confirm that they have cellulite.

Yes, those who have the skin condition will notice a wrinkled skin, a skin with bumps and a dimpled appearance on the surface and an orange-peel like appearance. What’s more, most people who are affected know that cellulite may cause larger indentations on areas with plenty of fat like the thighs, hips, and buttocks.

That’s how a skin with cellulite appears. And as expected, most people know about this. They know what to look for when they have cellulite. But if asked, most of them do not know what exactly occurs on the inside of the skin. Most of them do not know how the condition comes to be.

While is it not compulsory to know how cellulite form, it is helpful to know what it looks like on the inside. It is also important, among other things, to have an idea of the various types of cellulite (yes, there are various categories of cellulite).

This knowledge is important as it will guide you to make the best decision when it comes to choosing the best cream for cellulite

What Happens in the Body When Cellulite Form?

  1. The Formation Process

Think of cellulite as a bunch of tiny balloons below the skin, filled with fat. Now imagine those tiny balloons stuck in-between the different layers of inter-connected tissues. Have you been able to build a picture in your memory?

Beneath the epidermis and the dermis, fat cells store excess energy. Above them lie inter-connected tissues that play a vital role in connecting the layers of your skin to the deeper tissues in your body. It is in this the bands of these tissues that spaces develop for the fat cells to thrive in and reside.

  • The End Product

And when those fat cells swell, the spaces become clogged. With this clogging comes a bulge which eventually leads to the creation of small bumps on the top of the skin which you see. Since the bands of tissue remain connected to the deeper tissue, somewhat of a valley appears on the surface of the skin.

It is the combination of both the several bulges and the valleys that make what we call cellulite

The Best Solution

You may be less bothered about searching for cellulite removal that works. But you should also know that cellulite has been found to be a major reason why women and affected men have low self-esteem and reduced confidence.

If your goal is to achieve flawless skin without cellulite, then try CelluAid. CelluAid has been widely regarded as the best product for cellulite by cosmetologists and dermatologists. Users who have been able to write cellulite treatment cream reviews about the product have recorded over 90% success rates since using the product.

You can get rid of your cellulite with this anti-cellulite product. Visit CelluAid today to find out how you can get started.


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