Cellulite Treatments

This article is going to be talking about the top three cellulite treatments. Aesthetic surgeons and dermatologists have postulated three top treatments that work effectively in the reduction of cellulite. Brace yourself because this might just be where you hit the brakes on trying different procedures. We have taken out time to arm you with the right way to battle cellulite.

You’ve probably heard people say that dimples come as a result of being kissed by an angel. What about the dimples that appear on the thighs and butt cheeks, can we call them devilish. Cellulite is a skin defect that is mostly suffered by women.  Cellulite isn’t exclusive to fat people as you might have been misinformed. It is no respecter of body physique or age.

In the battle of cellulite, aesthetic physicians haven’t been able to find a cure, most treatments prescribed appear to be temporal and as such need renewal. You might be thinking, ‘why not surgery?’ Well, surgeries are quite expensive and as such are supported with other treatments to work effectively; noticeable results sometimes take time to appear.


This process is performed by a technician using vacuum-like suction with motorized rollers to suck up your skin, delivering a deep massage to your tissues. This method helps in temporarily sucking up the dimples making it appear like the dimples have been filled with tissue-concrete. This treatment aids lymphatic circulation and drains unwanted fluid.

Results from these treatments appear to be gradual and as such require an absolute dose of consistency.

Spa smoothing

In this method, a spa therapist wraps you with a clay mask and attaches wires that transmit electric waves and current. The electric current helps in draining out unwanted fluids from the cells while forging a way for internal moisturizers. This causes your butt to shrink and your thighs to appear smoother. But after rehydration plus 13-19 hours, both the butts and the thighs return to shape.

This treatment gives an immediate result but is quite temporal and has been shown to be supplement with other anti-cellulite treatments.

Cool laser

This is otherwise known as cellulase. In this method, your skin is massaged with a flashlight-like object that sends infrared energy below the skin surface. This energy helps in heating your overstretched connective tissue and collagen causing your skin to tighten and contract. It also helps in draining out unwanted fluids out of fat cells. This method has proven to be quite expensive.

These are the top 3 methods that expert dermatologists postulate to reduce cellulite. However, the downside about these methods is that they require a real amount of consistency and noticeable results might not be seen soon. They appear to be quite temporal plus they are damn expensive.


There are other safer means you can apply to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Some expert dermatologists can help in the prescription of some anti-cellulite products like cellulite creams, anti-cellulite cream, cellulite cream removal and cream for cellulite removal.

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