Cellulite Teenager

How to get rid of Teen Cellulites

It is important that teens learn to accept their bodies the way it is, while they work on their lifestyle choices and seek best cream for cellulite.

cellulite refers to the dimple-looking appearance that builds up on the skin. While cellulite is experienced by both males and females, it is common among females. And, although the risk increases as one age, it can begin to develop at – as early as – puberty.

cellulite legs

These disturbing patches can be found around a teen’s thighs, hips, and butt.

Regardless of weight, teens are prone to cellulite. However, the development of cellulite in teens is largely dependent on, among other factors, genetics, which influences where and how body fat is stored.

Besides a teen’s gene, here are other factors that trigger and aggravate an ‘orange peel’ skin:

  • Hormone
  • Fad eating
  • Unhealthy dieting
  • Slow metabolism
  • Dehydration

While teens may not be able to totally avoid cellulite development, they can reduce the effects and get a near-perfect skin with these simple lifestyle tweaks:

  • Healthy dieting: this entails diets with good portion of whole grains, fiber, vegetables, and fruits
  • Drink adequate water everyday
  • Exercise: build strengthen your muscle tone and bones with regular exercises
  • Take off yo-yo diets and fad diets: It’s healthier to gradually shed the pounds and sustain healthy weight than repeatedly losing and gaining weights.
  • Drop the cigarettes and avoid second hand smoke

cellulite leggings

Besides change in lifestyle – eating and exercise – here are some other commercial anti-cellulite solutions:

Most of these celebs wannabes get intimidated by the “perfect body” of their favorite stars on magazines and movies. Fact is, most of these celebrities are also battling with cellulite and other skin imperfections.

Maybe they could feel better knowing about 9 in every 10 woman has battles with this condition.

Besides anti-cellulite methods, here are ways teens can handle cellulite and feel better about themselves:

  • Engage in routine workouts. 30-minute exercise 5 times a week will keep you in shape – psychologically and physically.
  • Gets clothes that give you your best looks and boost confidence.
  • Ponder on all the positive things you know about yourself. Remind yourself of all your talents and good traits.
  • Appreciate those things you can do with your body – sports, singing, reading etc
  • Associate with like-minds -they will help boost your self-esteem

cellulite legs

Have in mind that beauty isn’t all about appearance. Beauty and shape are not constant, they change over time.

If you have suffered from an eating disorder, depression of some form, or abuse in the past – sexual, physical or emotional – discuss with a counselor or a doctor to help you escape from the effect of such memories.

Always remember body change comes with age. It could come in pleasant ways, some other times, unpleasant. However, with a positive attitude towards your body, you’d build a good body image regardless.

Why Some Women Don’t Have Cellulite When Others Do

There are some factors responsible for this which we will look into. However, I would like to emphasize that the issue of having cellulite is not something that you should be afraid of because different anti-cellulite products will help you get rid of it.
celluaid cream

Believe it or not, there is a certain number of women that you’ll find little or no cellulite on their skin. It’s not like they use anything to get rid of it, but they don’t have it on their skin.

Causes of Cellulite

Honestly, we can’t determine the exact reason why women have cellulite, because each’s body system differs from each other. In fact, there are women whose bodies are more susceptible than others. 

One reason is due to the hormones in the body. We know that estrogen in women is very active and it causes the body to retain more fat. This situation makes more fat cells present on the hips, thighs, buttocks, waist, etc., and these cells cluster all over these regions resulting into the dimples seen there. Another reason is that of the collagen structure of the female body which is less thick than that of males. There are wider openings in the female body’s collagen structure, leading to the accumulation of fat cells.

cellulite on thighs

Women are also known to have a more significant number of alpha receptors – a kind of substance that uses fat cells to produce more fat. All these factors are responsible for the existence of cellulite since they create an enabling environment for its growth.

So, the million-dollar question is…

Why Don’t Some Women Have it Like Others?

Firstly, don’t let every person fool you because there are women who are using anti-cellulite products to get rid of their cellulite. This means that not everyone would admit they have it for reasons best known to them.

However, we have different physiological structures from each other. For instance, the hormonal level in one woman can’t be the same with another woman, and if estrogen isn’t that active, there won’t be much fat stored in the body.

Another reason could be due to individual lifestyle. For example, women who are into careers that require them sitting on a desk for long are likely more prone to having cellulite because there would be a decreased circulation of blood flow to the legs. Less collagen would, therefore, be produced and an increment of fat cells. 

There’s also the issue of diet. More consumption of processed food that has ingredients similar to estrogen would cause more fat to be stored in the body. More fat would only increase the chances of having cellulite. Lastly, tight undergarments are also another factor as they restrict circulation, as well as the production of collagen.

celluaid cream

Getting Rid of Cellulite

With so much research done over the years, it has been discovered that certain natural elements that can break down these fat cells and prevent the storage of excess fat. As stated earlier, there are several products but which is the best?

A top anti-cellulite lotion that you can get is CelluAid. What makes CelluAid the best lotion for cellulite? Its active ingredient, Quinoa, targets the cells that are seen under the skin and works on the fat layer while it also prevents the generation of more fat.

CelluAid is a very useful anti-cellulite lotion that works

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