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cellulite is a very frustrating hitch in the cosmetic niche. This skin problem has been the reason for most searches on Google as most women are in serious desperation to get rid of it. The approach of cellulite spells doom to most ladies as it is deemed to signal the end of having a smooth skin. Well, if you don’t know what cellulite is, it is quite a legendary skin defect that most women seriously detest. Read on to find out how it occurs.

Cellulite is a beauty defect that is caused by the expansion of the fat cells in the fat layer. The fat layer is separated from the dermis (the skin) by the connective tissue. With the increase of the fat layer, the connective tissue gets weakened; this makes cellulite protrude through the connective tissue into the dermis. This reflects on the skin as dimples and bumps.

Now we know what cellulite is but what we are yet to understand is how it comes about. Well, you may be shocked to know that a vast majority of women suffer cellulite, precisely 85% to 95% of them. You should note that both sexes suffer cellulite but it is quite prevalent in women because of the hormone called estrogen that gets active when they approach puberty.

Estrogen is a sex hormone that secretes fat in some core areas of a female’s body. These areas are the butts, thighs, and hips. At the advent of puberty, these body areas become susceptible to enlargement. Puberty is an inevitable bringer of cellulite that is if it’s in your bloodline. Well, this is just one door cellulite can come through, there are several others.

Other susceptibilities of cellulite include:

Wrong Dieting

You should be wary of fatty foods when dealing with cellulite. Ensure that your diet is calorie-deficient. Regular ingestion of fatty foods is likely to instigate fatness which is a factor likely to make you prone to cellulite. You should replace your calorie intake with veggies as this has been proven to aid metabolism.


This is yet another factor that causes cellulite by way of shortening your oxygen intake. Smoking is known to disrupt lymphatic circulation. Several bouts of researches have uncovered that cellulite-stricken areas of the body often lack oxygen. Do yourself a favor by cutting down on your smoking habit.

Environmental Toxins

People underestimate this factor as the vast majority of people vastly neglect it. A recent survey uncovered that some unseen toxins in the environment by way of fumes from your domestic tools such as lawnmowers, constitute a high amount of toxin in the environment. This is probably a wake-up call to start keeping a clean environment.

These are some doors by which cellulite can come through, but the fun fact about cellulite is that it isn’t life-threatening; most ladies deem this a relief. Another relief is that you can reduce the spread of cellulite by engaging in some anti-cellulite procedures. Cosmetic stores are quite saturated with anti-cellulite products that can be used to battle cellulite. These products come in the form of anti-cellulite creams and lotions.

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If you cannot afford the fancy and expensive treatments of cellulite, and you are desperately in search of a cellulite treatment that works, there are certainly cheaper ways to go about it. It has been said that 90% of women suffer from having cellulite, including fashion models like Ashley Graham.

With the summer holidays around the corner, We trust that so many ladies are going from shop to shop, seeking ways to combat this dreadful skin disorder called cellulite and in the process, purchasing all sorts of anti-cellulite creams.

The various ways of cellulite removal include the following;


 This is a machine that massages the body and helps circulation in the body, thereby redirecting stubborn fat deposits to prevent a skin dimpling. This massage targets the leg, the stomach, and the buttocks.


This was specifically designed for the purpose of cellulite conditioning. They are to be worn during exercises or during the day and it promotes higher levels of perspiration.


If you are in the category of not wanting to do much or not wanting to feel intense pain, this may just be the option for you. This is a relaxing treatment that stimulates the surface of the skin which in turn reactivates and stimulates the production of collagen and accelerates vascularisation.


There are specially and specifically formulated gels / creams that contains i-carnitine. They make the skin cool and tighten it which leads to blood circulation.


So many of us may have tried various cellulite treatments and creams, and even gone ahead to strictly follow a healthy meal plan. This is the method for you. This treatment is formulated for the sole purpose of battling stubborn cellulite. It enables a flawless circulation and in turn, promotes smooth skin.


This is a brush that is equipped with firm bristles. It enables microcirculation, and it tears down and deals with dead skin cells, thereby helping to fight cellulite and showcasing a smooth and presentable skin.

If you are one of the lucky few that have traveled far and wide, you would notice that cellulite is not a thing to be ashamed about. Cellulite is very common in ladies especially Caucasian females.

Visiting the beach should not be embarrassing because you will surely see a few persons who have cellulite. We have discussed a whole lot on this issue and I remember promising that I shall give you a solution to this problem once and for all.

A simple solution that does not require you to spend huge sums of money on a procedure that may not last long enough. No need to go through the stress of buying products that are not guaranteed.

I assure you that you shall enjoy a long-lasting result and you shall be enjoying the perfect looking skin of your dreams within a short period of time. If you are ready for this great breakthrough, do well to visit Celluaid

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