Different ways to get rid of cellulite

Different ways to get rid of cellulite

Ways to get rid of cellulite

Getting rid of cellulite comes in various ways such as using anti-cellulite products, laser treatment, dieting and exercising, endermologie, and much more. With each of these methods comes a certain period in which it would take to remove cellulite.

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We can’t get rid of cellulite just like we are getting rid of fat, which can be burned through exercising and diet. It’s not like these methods don’t reduce cellulite, but it would take a long time, and for women who aren’t patient enough, they might get discouraged to continue.

Cellulite is caused by the accumulation of fat cells that clump up underneath the skin and push themselves against the connective tissues. This makes you have those dimples with the cottage cheese look on your skin.

4 Ways to get rid of cellulite

1. Diet and Exercise

With dedication and commitment, following a good exercise and diet program could be of good help. Foods like red meat should be avoided while turkey and other forms of white meat are very important. More water should be consumed to keep the body hydrated.

For exercises, brisk walking, squatting, stairs climbing and others that focus on toning the butt and legs are usually performed this period.

How long it takes: This method of getting rid of cellulite usually takes months before you begin to see results.

2. Endermologie

This is merely a kind of therapy where a device is used for massaging those areas where cellulite is present also produces a suction effect with the aid of the rollers on the device. It puts pressure on the skin and can penetrate very well, thereby, yielding productive results.

How long it takes: Endermologie requires around 10 to 15 sessions with two sessions each week. Therefore, it would take a minimum of 5 weeks to get rid of cellulite.

3. Laser Therapy

In this treatment process, a small laser probe is used to break the fat cell tissues by inserting it into the skin. It aids the production of collagen, making the skin thicker and inhibiting the appearance of cellulite.

How long it takes: 5 sessions which last for about 30 minutes each is required for this treatment method, and it usually takes up to 5 weeks.

4. Anti-cellulite creams

This is one of the most effective and rapid ways to get rid of cellulite which is affordable. The critical thing to note here is that a top anti-cellulite cream would do the job of getting rid of cellulite. You can get any anti-cellulite cream online but be careful to make sure you get the right one.

How long it takes: An effective cellulite cream would take a minimum of 2 to 4 weeks to start removing cellulite, gradually.

So, what is the best anti-cellulite cream you could lay your hands on?

CelluAid contains Quinoa seed extract, a substance which breaks the fat cells that accumulate within the hypodermis and prevents the storage of fat.

From the anti cellulite cream reviews that we have seen on the web, CelluAid has been known for removing cellulite within a short period. This is because it contains natural ingredients that are skin-friendly and act on the fat cells that a found underneath the skin.

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