How to get rid of cellulite by cupping?

How to get rid of cellulite by cupping?

Treating cellulite by cupping

The orange-peel look of cellulite is mostly common in women. Cellulite is subsequently caused by inadequate lymphatic circulation accompanied by accumulated lipids and stagnation of fluids resulting in swollen fat cells that produce the cellulite under the skin.

Medical experts are, however, yet to fathom out how cellulite forms. Many factors are quite responsible for the formation of cellulite. Such factors could be pregnancy related, an unhealthy lifestyle, poor eating habits, hormonal activities, gene-induced factors and a whole lot of others. It is also a reason why it is more common in women than men.

Cellulite cup

There are different anti-cellulite methods for reduction and control as there is no unique method that guarantees an absolute cure. Over the years different treatments have spanned across the decades about how we can manage cellulite by using anti-cellulite products like anti-cellulite cream, cellulite cream, cellulite removal cream, cream for cellulite and anti-cellulite lotion.

However, a particular therapy was initiated in China referred to as the Cupping therapy. This therapy is said to take about three months; you should supplement with a 30 to 50 minutes daily routine of walking exercise. Daily walks like this was discovered to instigate thirst increasing the fluid intake to 2.6 liters daily thus reducing the consumption of salt which helps the cell absorb and retain fluid.

The traditional Chinese doctors advised that you should take a walking exercise before and after the cupping therapy for enhanced results.

How is cupping therapy done?

The cupping application is carried out both in the front and at the back of the body. The cupping therapy involves intense massaging of the affected areas and the cupping (moving the cup faced down over the affected areas) — the traditional doctor with ointment-like oil massages the patien

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In the back

In this part, you are asked to lie on your chest fully stretched. Then the oil is liberally massaged on both of your legs. The treatment area of your body should have been warmed up initially with moderate heat of course. For starters, an empty cup is placed covering the affected area for 10 minutes before it is moved to other affected areas like the thigh, hips, butts (gluteus region), and this movement is most times terminated at the hip bone.

On each visit, the treatment duration should be elongated by 5 to 7 minutes.

In the front

You are asked to lie in a prone position. The oil is then massaged on the front of your legs beginning from your knee to your thigh then to your groin region. Once again your treatment area should be warmed up before the cupping therapy begins. For starters, empty cupping should be used.

Cupping movements should be done towards the groin region (around your lymph glands). This helps in metabolizing the lymph system which encourages lymphatic circulation.

A word of caution

The cupping therapy doesn’t have the backing of science and as such is risky. It is advisable you opt for methods within the confines of science.

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