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DIY treatments on cellulite for many has an expiring date. Some ladies have tried all there is that they could, using all kinds of anti-cellulite lotions to rid themselves of this very famous skin presence known as cellulite.

Cellulite is a skin condition manifested by a dimpled skin pattern. It appears on the thighs, the buttocks, the stomach, and the hips. It is most common in adolescent and adult females. It is not a life-threatening medical condition but it may look disgraceful if too visible on the skin.


The causes of cellulite could be complicated. Cellulite forms when fibrous cords join the skin to underlying muscles. Body Fat present between the two begin to push up the skin and the cords begin to press downwards. This results in skin dimpling known as cellulite.

Hormones could also have a say in the appearance of cellulite. As females grow older, they produce less estrogen. Lower estrogen causes weaker blood circulation which leads to lower collagen production and in turn, makes connective tissues weak.

Treatment options for cellulite are mentioned as follows;


 This includes the use of a laser to perform cellulase, or other treatments like cellfina.


Exercises help to make cellulite less visible. Exercises cannot permanently remove cellulite but, it can help to make it less visible.


Since running is very effective in helping to cut down on fats, this will be a very good method of reducing cellulite. This method still doesn’t eliminate cellulite permanently, but it does a great deal of favor to the skin by helping to make cellulite less visible.


There are different kinds of food that help to fight cellulite.  This means that food is a cellulite treatment that works. How you eat alone does not determine the appearance of cellulite or not.  However, to be on the safest side, having a well-planned diet could help keep your body weight under control, and this helps to reduce the visibility of cellulite.

Hydration is key.  Drinking a lot of water or eating foods that contain a lot of water could help the connective tissues to work with flexibility.

Since we have carefully discussed a whole lot on cellulite, the causes, and how to prevent it, What foods to eat and what not to do so as to prevent it, I believe that to a great degree we know the little to do to prevent having more cellulite in the future.

 Even though 85 to 90 percent of women have cellulite at one point in their lives, and go about looking for anti-cellulite lotions, you can still be a part of the two percent who do not have cellulite.

You could be giving a lot of testimonies concerning the looks of your skin in a very short period of time. No need to look at the troubling presence of cellulite on your skin. You are a beautiful person irrespective of the ugly occurrence of cellulite that intends to do away with your confidence and happiness.

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Cellfina vs. cellulase 

Since the beginning of time, the haunt has been on for the best method to faint or completely remove cellulite from the buttocks, the hips, the stomach, and even the thighs. At the end of this article, you shall find out the cellulite treatment that works.

Some methods commonly used are anti-cellulite lotions, anti-cellulite creams and brushing services offered in spas. Since 80 to 90 percent of women have or will experience cellulite at one point in their lives, it’s very clear that it’s a very lucrative avenue for many people to flood the market with fake products just to make money. 

There is a method for treating cellulite called the RF. This RF helps to make the appearance of cellulite soften up, and it is not a permanent outcome but it lasts for a short period of time.

How does the RF work?

It works by heating up a fatty layer of the skin to a 42 degrees F, which helps blood to circulate better and aids the fibrous band below the skin to be highly relaxed. At the end of this procedure, a soft body rub is kindly done efficiently to move excess fats into the lymphatic system for the best results

Whatever has pros also has cons, the not so exciting part of this procedure is that it is very expensive and it also needs multiple visits to the doctor. It can take two times a week for 6 weeks to visit the doctor for a good result.

There is a surgical correction known as cellulase. A surgeon uses a laser to break the fibrous bands. Cellulase involves administering heat into the fat compartment to help tighten collagen so as to reduce fats.

The latest cellulite cure is called cellfina. It is a treatment that lasts longer than any kind of cellulite treatment, with results proven to have lasted for up to 3 years, showing up a perfectly smooth skin.

Unlike cellulose, cellfina does not require any heating and no lasers are involved. Anesthesia is used during cellulase but in cellfina, only a numbing cream is used.

When it comes to treating large portions of cellulite according to research, cellulase is more effective.

Both cellulase and cellfina are really expensive procedures done over long periods of time for a long lasting result.

Considering the fact that cellulose and cellfina are very expensive methods of treating cellulite, have you ever wondered the next step for you? Have you thought about a treatment that you can afford effortlessly without having to struggle to pay the costs?

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