Anti Cellulite Lotion

Other procedures for reducing cellulite include Cellfina, Ultrasound, and Cryolipolysis. All those methods listed above are as effective as the top anti-cellulite lotions in beauty stores.

There are several procedures for dermatologist use in the treatment of cellulite cases.

Listed below are some conventional medical procedures for reducing cellulite.

  1. Endermologie

 This is a spa treatment where sufferers receive a deep massage while the masseuse lifts the skin with the aid of a tool that looks more like a vacuum. The Endermologie treatment method is not a one-time process; it needs to be repeated for at least 12 times for visible results.

2. Microdermabrasion

 This process uses aluminum oxide to reduce cellulite in the affected parts of the skin. These tiny small particles gently erase cellulite in the affected parts of the skin and stimulate the new cells present in the skin. Using endermologie, you need to undergo several treatments before you see results.

3. Carboxytherapy

  In this process, the technician inserts carbon dioxide beneath the skin in other to increase blood flow in the affected areas, a method that drastically reduces the appearance of cellulite. While performing this method the individual might experience a bit of discomfort momentarily.

4. Vacuum Assisted Tissue Release

 This process helps breaks up the hard band located under the skin. This is done using a device that contains small blades. When these bands are cut, tissue expands to fill those dimpled skin. This process takes longer; it can take up to 3 years to take effect.

5. Laser and Radiofrequency Procedure

 This process requires using tissue massage, the combination of a radiofrequency technology, diode laser, and infrared light is applied to reduce the effect of cellulite. There is no specific timeframe for this process to take effect.

One of the commonest anti-cellulite treatments using the laser procedure is the “cellulaze” which in effect breaks up those hard bands found under the skin. The laser treatments take up to six months or more to take effect after some series of attempts.

6. Acoustic Wave Therapy

 This procedure works by vibrating those connective tissues in those areas of the body that are affected by cellulite. It improves both the texture, appearance and the elasticity of the skin by stimulating and increasing collagen production.

 Unlike some anti-cellulite creams that have a specific period one needs to use it before it takes effect, the Acoustic wave therapy takes several treatment processes before the results can be visible.


However, if you are in a hurry to see changes or effects, we recommend the use of CelluAid; an anti-cellulite lotion formulated with specific natural ingredients meant for the complete reduction and eradication of cellulite. Expert dermatologists have affirmed that CelluAid is the best anti cellulite lotion that comes with a low risk of side-effects.

CelluAid seeks to smoothen that your skin by erasing those lumpy bumps caused by cellulite.

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