Cellulite Fact

Cellulite Fact

Cellulite is a condition common in women. The lumps and bumpy patches leave the skin ugly. Cellulite is mostly spotted on the thighs, butts, and stomachs.

Research says the unsightly cellulite bumps visible on the skin surface are fat deposits trapped between the skin and the connective tissues.

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Basic Facts About Cellulite

  • Cellulite, though considerable, causes no adverse health effect
  • Over 90% of women get cellulite at one point in their life
  • Cellulite affects only 10% of men.
  • Cellulite is removable
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Different Levels of Cellulite

Cellulite has different categories; according to its severity, and visibility. They may be grouped into:

Mild Cellulite (first grade)

This form of cellulite is less pronounced. This stage best describes the familiar ‘orange peel’ dub.

    Moderate Cellulite(second grade)

      At this level, the irregular patches get more visible. This stage is believed to have inspired the ‘cottage cheese’ dub.

      Severe Cellulite (Third grade)

      At this stage, the dimply appearance gets more pronounced on the skin. This stage leaves your skin looking like a mattress.

      What Causes Cellulite?

      Research on the actual cause of cellulite is underway. However, health experts say cellulite is a result of the activities of fat cells and connective tissues under the skin. The pattern of the connective tissues and the manner fats are stored up results in higher cellulite in women than in men.

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      In women, the connective tissues are in a vertical order. This arrangement causes the accumulated fats to push up against the skin, creating ugly patches on the skin's surface. Conversely, man’s connective tissues and fat cells lie horizontally.

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      Besides the arrangement of connective tissues, here is a look at other likely causes of cellulite:


      Your skin gradually loses its elasticity with age. So, as one age, the skin quality gets weaker, and unable to resist the push from the accumulated fat cells beneath the skin.

      Genetic factors

      By and large, our body’s functionality is, partly, a function of our genes. While some gene increases the chances of cellulite on the skin, others are different.

      Lifestyle Choices

      Your food and general lifestyle cause cellulite development. The more fat you gain, the more pronounced your cellulite condition. Although slim people also get cellulite,  it is less pronounced.

      A sedentary lifestyle and smoking also increase the chances of cellulite appearing on the skin.

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      Treatment For Cellulite

      Although cellulite is stubborn, it is removable. Several anti-cellulite products on the market promise dimple-free skin. These therapies, among others, include subcision, radiotherapy, carboxytherapy, massages, laser treatment, etc.

      The right combination of a healthy diet plan, regular workouts, and an effective anti-cellulite lotion have proved useful in practice.

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