Does Exercise Really Eliminate Cellulite?

What is the best exercise for cellulite?

If there is a worse thing than fat, it is it appearing dimply and lumpy. Everyone has a common hatred for cellulite, but the hatred is doubled in ladies as they are the prevalent sufferers of cellulite. 98% of women are plagued with this skin affliction. Cellulite affects both the skinny and the fat; it is an almost inevitable part of the aging.

There are many theories regarding the causes of cellulite. As earlier stated, cellulite isn’t restricted to skinny women alone. Skinny women can also possess a high amount of fat regardless of how much they weigh. An overweighing physique doesn’t necessarily characterize fat. It can be unnoticeably contained in the body.

The area of fat in the skin has different tissue structuring as compared to other skin areas without fat. As those fat cells increase, there is an increase in the fat layer. Thus, overstretching the connective tissues which subsequently results in cellulite. Losing some fat should wave cellulite goodbye but not when it’s on your butt as the butt is made up of excess fat as compared to other body parts.

In the fight against cellulite, consistency and patience should be considered your best pals as it takes quite long for cellulite to be reduced. If you want to have a fast chance at zapping cellulite, you will do yourself good to do away with over-processed foods.

Ensure you also supplement your healthy dietary intake with work-out routine. Below are three butt-specific exercises to abide by when battling cellulite.

Single-leg Hip Raise

In this routine, you lie on your back with your face up. Your left knee should be bent while your right leg should be lifted straight up. Try to contract your abdominal muscles and keep that way. 

Contract your gluteal muscles and lift your hips until your body is in a straight-line position from your shoulder down to your knees (your left leg should remain lifted while you do this). Lower your hips and get into this position, do about ten reps.  

Reverse Lunge

You will need a pair of dumbbells for this routine. Hold the dumbbells in both hands with both your arms dangling facing each other. Step your right leg backward while you bend your left knee forward in a 90 degrees position. Your left knee should be almost touching the ground.  Get back to a standing position from this position. Do 20 reps for this routine.


You also need a pair of dumbbells for this routine. Hold a pair of dumbbells in both hands with both your arms dangling by your sides. Stand in front of a bench that is elevated to the height of your knees. Lift and place your left foot on the bench and try to lift your entire weight and return to a standing position. Do 20 reps for this.

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